First CI cluster meeting February 2017

The first Continuous Improvement Cluster event for 2017 took place on Friday the 24th February. Hosted by Sanitarium at Berkley Vale, the clustermembers were taken through a presentation by Don Evangelista and his team, Rick and Natalie, on the CI journey of one of their key lines in their plant.

The focus of the presentation was on the Change of Culture Process that the line team went through. Don spoke about the engagement process that took place with the line team and how he and his management team sought their input into problem solving on the line. In changing the culture the management team place a lot of emphasis on recognition with senior management, routinely on the line, recognising those that performed over and above their normal tasks. The results were immediate with a capping machine that was causing ongoing downtime issues creating poor efficiency, becoming reliable and increasing the output of that line significantly.
The PIGexercise, a simulation, was done with those present to show the concept ofStandard Work providing the right information to get a task done in the same manner, an important lesson when it comes to repeatability. link explains what the exercise is about. The group under instruction of Don and Matt conducted this exercise in a similar way.
Natalie , one of line operators, spoke of her teams transition to a CI culture on their line. The line operators and support staff had time to engage on problem solving and to set how they wanted their KPIs portrayed giving them ownership of their process.
Don, Matt and Natalie were thanked for sharing their experiences and being open and honest about their journey. The session was informative and spoke to the importance of engagement, culture building and teamwork. What was equally as important was that things that didn't work were readily up for review and input from everyone involved, reinforcing that the CI journey is one of continual improvement and engagement.